Our Leadership

a_5899debra-WEBSITE-CHURCHThe Water was founded by Executive Pastor, Debra Davenport. Pastor Debra was ordained in 2011.  She has been blessed by God with many spiritual gifts, including pastoring/shepherding, prophecy, discernment, evangelism, and administration.  She was called to ministry after receiving, by grace, a prophetic dream revealing Christ’s Second Coming.

Since that time, Pastor Debra has heard a clear message from God: “Preach the uncomfortable.” What this means is that people today are sometimes hesitant to hear God’s Word about things that might challenge their thinking, feelings, and behaviors – and many pastors are reluctant to talk about these topics out of fear of turning people away from the church.  However, we must remember that all of God’s Word is vitally important; we need to hear the things He wants us to hear.  As Christians, we cannot be selective when it comes to the Bible and what it teaches us about living a grace-filled life.

Pastor Debra created The Water as a safe and loving place where people can come together and have honest conversations about God's word - from a contemporary perspective that honors and glorifies Him.

Pastor Debra's mission is to reach the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to let every person know that they are loved, cherished, and blessed.

We hope you'll make The Water your special place for spiritual renewal, refreshment, and rejuvenation.